Srinivas Rao

with Srinivas Rao

Host and founder of The Unmistakable Creative podcast


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Moe Abdou is joined by Srini Rao, host of the Unmistakable Creative podcast to discuss the evolution of building a media company and the pursuit of becoming unmistakable.  

Becoming Unmistakably You

Ironically, while it’s getting ever more complicated to distinguish between counterfeit and original goods and services – a real, genuine individual is becoming much easier to spot.  He’s that rare individual who opts for humility over arrogance, transparency over fluff, and most importantly, self-respect over public opinion.  You’ll hardly see him follow the crowd, because to him, purpose always trumps vanity and fame.  And, if you’ve been around such an individual, you know that his inspiration is contagious, and his wisdom and friendship are the rarest of all treasures.  

If you’ve ever listened to the Unmistakable Creative podcast, you undoubtedly know that there’s something uniquely different about the host, Srini Rao. Sure, he’s a gifted interviewer who has a knack for always hitting the right buttons with his guests, but that’s not what keeps people like me coming back.  As one of his earliest fans, the draw for me is less with the visible, and much more about his character and values.  He’s unmistakable because he’s chasing his truth, “and when {you} don’t take that into consideration, {you} deny the very essence of what makes each of us unmistakable:  the fact that there has never been and never will be somebody with the exact genetic makeup, {your} unique talent, experiences and perspective.”  He shares in his book,  Unmistakable: Why Only is Better Than Best, “To leave this out is to leave the soul out of {your} work.”  

I enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with Srini, and what you’ll hear during our conversation has less to do with growing a media business, and much more to do with becoming a worthy human being.  

Here’s what we discuss:

  1. The pursuit of being unmistakable
  2. The life lessons taught by the surfboard
  3. Why learning to trust your intuition starts with not trusting it
  4. Avoiding the temptation to follow the crowd
  5. Learning to approach complex problems peacefully
  6. The evolution of his perspective throughout the past decade
  7. Learning to get comfortable In The Impact Zone