What The Coronavirus Hasn’t Changed About Life

Kapil Gupta

with Kapil Gupta

Personal Advisor to Pro Athletes, CEO's, Celebrities

What The Coronavirus Hasn’t Changed About Life

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In an important conversation about the hard realities of the current world affairs, Moe and Kapil explore the hidden dimensions of a crisis and why it always reverts back to one’s own mind.

The New Normal

You don’t need me to remind you that we live in serious times – Certainly the most challenging that I’ve personally experienced – or are they really?

Of course, that realization came to me during my last conversation with Kapil Gupta – and, while his perspective isn’t for everyone, it always stretches my thinking, and leaves me asking myself the depth of questions that you’ll hear during this and many of our conversations together.

One of the great things that I most appreciate about Kapil is his unwavering commitment to discovering his personal Truth; and this interview is an even greater testament to that – as you’re about to hear.  We decided to record this segment without any preparation because we felt the urgency of the moment, and wanted to share a side of the story that we felt was being ignored.  Decide for yourself and please share your thoughts.  Here’s a sampling of what we discuss:

    • Kapil’s perspective on the Coronavirus pandemic.
    • Why current life is teaching us about ourselves?
    • The infectious trap of emotional drama?
    • Why we choose to ignore the very things that would improve our lives?
    • Do we try too hard to understand the notion of the Truth?
    • Why society conditions us to seek approval?
    • Why all conflict is self-conflict?
    • The difference between want-to and would be nice-to?
    • The beginning of self-honesty?
    • The one illusion of the mind that always traps you?
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