Women Who Thrive Do It Differently

Bonnie Marcus

with Bonnie Marcus

President & CEO at Women's Success Coaching

Women Who Thrive Do It Differently

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Moe and Bonnie chat about the various ways women can excel in business and embrace their ambition.

Women Who Thrive Do It Differently

Written by Moe Abdou

On May 28, 2014 the world lost a giant of a person when Maya Angelou took her last breath at her home in Winston-Salem.  Dr. Angelou was much more than a voice for humanity, she ‘had enough experiences to last five lifetimes’, as former President Bill Clinton said at her memorial service. Rising from poverty, slavery and abuse; she inspired a generation of women to find their own voice, decide their own values, and ‘announce it to the world with all the pride and joy that is our birthright as members of the human race.”

The world may never see another Maya Angelou, still its my highest wish for the women of this generation to follow in her footsteps.  Radio show host and Forbes contributor, Bonnie Marcus is doing her part in reminding aspiring women that ‘it takes more than talent and hard work to get ahead.”  Those who excel today understand these three fundamental principles.