Creating the Hub of Beauty Reviews

Doreen Bloch

with Doreen Bloch

Founder and CEO of Poshly

Creating the Hub of Beauty Reviews

Creating the Hub of Beauty Reviews 500 500 33Voices

Jenna and Doreen Bloch discuss her journey building Poshly and how gamification encourages users to honestly review beauty products. 

The Future of Customer Reviews

I started my conversation with Doreen Bloch with a confession: I hate beauty products. I hate searching for them. I hate trying them. I even hate using them.

If I didn’t have to look presentable for work (apparently elf pajamas and Santa socks aren’t suitable interview attire – Thanks, Dad) I’d go au-natural before you can say L’Oreal. 

If you’re already using Poshly, my confessional appears offensive; However, the fact that Doreen’s entire career is predicated on beauty products is precisely why I told her.

The gamification fueling users to take quizzes and review products on Poshly is so addicting that even I have trouble logging off the site.

Ranging from Clarisonic brushes to Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub (yes, that exists) Poshly users share their experiences using products – the quizzes are never more than five questions – for a chance to win them. 

In addition to rewards, Poshly’s complete focus on each user makes spending time on the site feel more like sharing coffee with a friend than leaving a customer review.

Accordingly, Doreen’s biggest goal for 2015 is to increase the team’s personalization efforts. Instead of solely offering  up to 10 prizes for each product, Doreen plans to ensure that each active user receives a reward or sample that’s relevant to them. 

To learn more about Doreen’s journey running Poshly, including how she fundraised $1.5 million in 10 days, tune into today’s episode of 33founders and start reviewing products here