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Vivek Ravisankar

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Ex-Amazonian, Co-founder at HackerRank & Interviewstreet

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33voices interviews Vivek Ravisankar, founder at

The science behind hiring programmers

It goes without saying that the strongest indicator of the health of any size business, is the quality of its people – and these days, it’s the technical talent that sets an emerging company apart.  Being more of a right brain thinker, I am certainly an early adaptor of evolving technology, but when it comes to understanding the programming that brings these products to life, I’m a late bloomer.  

Since starting 33voices, roughly six years ago, I’ve gained an incredible appreciation for the value that talented programmers bring to our business.  I learned quickly that the process I used to hire sales people wasn’t the right approach to attract talented coders.  While I was better at determining fit and chemistry; I knew very little about the quality of their code – that’s why I love the idea behind Interviewstreet. What Vivek Ravisankar and Harishankaran K have done is simply take the guessing out of hiring coders; and once you find a fit, here’s how they help you help them —-