How charity: water Gave Giving Soul

Scott Harrison

with Scott Harrison

Founder and CEO of charity: water

How charity: water Gave Giving Soul

How charity: water Gave Giving Soul 1200 834 33Voices

Scott and Jenna discuss a decade of charity: water stories and the team’s life-changing impact reducing the water crisis from a billion people to 663 million.

Learning Points

  • Scott’s trip on the Mercy Ship and how it inspired him to start charity: water- The water crisis has come down from a billion people to 663 million
  • charity: water’s next decade and inviting more people into the story
  • How charity: water is utilizing technology and social media to reach and inspire millions of people to take action; Take a look at their latest VR installation and learn about the team’s future plans
  • How the water crisis falls on women and young girls and the drastic way having clean water changes their lives
  • Storytelling at charity: water – “Stories bring out empathy in people. Statistics don’t. These are true stories. We don’t need to exaggerate them.”
  • Rachel’s Legacy – How a 9-year-old girl raised $1.3 million to impact the lives of over 37,770 people in Ethiopia
  • charity: water’s newest giving program The Spring: A network of supporters who are committed to making monthly donations to ensure that everyone on the planet has clean water (You can get involved here)
  • Reflecting on Marion Wright Edelman’s insight: “Service is the rent we pay for being. It’s the very purpose of life, not just something we do in our spare time.” 
  • Scott’s favorite quote: “Do not be afraid of work that has no end.”