How Progyny is Modernizing Family Planning

Gina Bartasi

with Gina Bartasi

CEO of Progyny

How Progyny is Modernizing Family Planning

How Progyny is Modernizing Family Planning 427 487 33Voices

Gina and Jenna discuss how Progyny is empowering employers to support their team members emotionally and financially as they navigate their family planning efforts.

Learning Points

  • The rise of Progyny’s enterprise business; They receive two to three requests from Fortune 500 companies a week
  • Utilizing technology to improve fertility treatments and decrease the percentage of families having twins and triplets
  • Eliminating the stigma of discussing fertility in the workplace and employers role supporting couples; Apple and Facebook led the charge, despite initial controversy, and paved the way for companies to follow
  • How to navigate scrutiny as the first innovator in a new category; “You look at them and think ‘You’ll come around later. I’ll go knock on some more doors.’ No isn’t personal.”
  • Resourcefulness at a startup and how to utilize capital wisely; Companies need to figure out how to get cash flow positive and not be fearful of changing their budget; “People stay on the wrong path too long.”
  • How Gina’s mentors like Arthur Blank and Jane Fonda shaped her journey; “Stay humble, stay determined, and be gracious.” 
  • Key advice from Gina: “Don’t be afraid to make the ask.”