How Herald Health is Optimizing Patient Care

Brad Diephuis

with Brad Diephuis

Co-founder and CEO of Herald Health

How Herald Health is Optimizing Patient Care

How Herald Health is Optimizing Patient Care 292 309 33Voices

Brad and Jenna discuss the genesis of Herald Health and how the team is empowering physicians to spend more time with patients.

Learning Points

  • How Herald Health software enables physicians to automate pulling the data they need from electronic medical records and delivers it as notifications
  • Key tech advancements Brad’s observing in the medical world as a result of leveraging the influx of data patients are gathering via wearables like Fitbit and Apple watches
  • Applying Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to EMRs and Brad’s excitement to transform them from an electronic file cabinet into a clean representation of the data doctors need in the moment
  •  The value of participating in university accelerators and entrepreneurship programs – The #1 benefit is a commitment device that aligns your team to a push project forward
  • The user interviews, focus groups, and simulated settings the team hosted to answer: What is the most intuitive way that we can design this software for clinicians? 
  • Herald Health’s first pilot at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the core metrics the team is measuring
  • Brad’s personal journey from programming as a ten-year-old to pursuing business and medicine, and how he’s applying computer science to his work as a physician