Living Like a Minimalist

Joshua Fields Millburn

with Joshua Fields Millburn

Author at The Minimalists

Living Like a Minimalist

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Moe and Josh discuss having a better life, by having fewer possessions.

Living Like a Minimalist

One of the more important life habits that I’m especially proud of has to do with giving a similar item away each time I acquire anything new.  Whether it’s material possessions or the gifts of life; this simple practice gives me a sense of fulfillment that life is less about consumption, and much more about contribution and sharing.  With each day, I’m more clear that meaning in my life is directly correlated to giving, sharing and contributing to the wellbeing of others.  In the process, I’ve come to appreciate the true meaning of why ‘less is more.’  

Earlier this week, a friend gave me a copy of Joshua Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus‘ book – Everything That Remains – and what a timely gift it was.  I found it brilliant because it was as real as it was useful and relevant.  It touched on why life is our greatest teacher, and while most us let it pass us by; those who truly live internalize what Nicholas Burroughs‘ said that “minimalism is not a lack of something.  It’s simply the perfect amount of something.‘  Ask yourself this question ——