Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth

Michael Silverstein

with Michael Silverstein

Leader of The Boston Consulting Group's global Consumer practice

Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth

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Moe and Michael J. Silverstein talk about how to rise into a cycle of renewal, energy, and power that can launch startups to phenomenal success and turn around the fate of multinational corporations. 

The Eight Lessons that Fuel Extraordinary Brands

Half-way through reading Michael J. Silverstein’s book, Rocket: Eight Lessons to Secure Infinite Growth, I paused to reflect on the initial four disciplines that he suggests and wanted to see how my favorite brands measure up.  Like many of you, I have great admiration for the usual – Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, SAP, etc; but the one that has been most impressive for me this year has been Tesla.  Obviously, Elon Musk is a once in a generation entrepreneur, and as come to learn, Tesla is intricately woven by his vision.   

If you’ve driven a Tesla or been a passenger in one, you can’t deny its brilliance.  It’s a product of his imagination, and one that the most astute of car aficionados couldn’t have dreamed possible just a decade ago.  To buy one, you have to design it from the ground up, so it’s tailor made for each of its owners.  Like many progressive tech companies, Tesla’s rich web site not only keeps its customers informed of updates; more importantly, it invites dialogue so its members can leverage one another’s experiences.  And, of course, it’s breathtakingly gorgeous.  

So, as you listen to my conversation with Michael, you’ll quickly recognize why Tesla scores a perfect 10 when measured against the eight-rule framework he presents in Rocket.  

Here’s a guide to our discussion:

  • The leadership fueling extraordinary brands

  • The questions that admired brands never stop asking

  • The eight-rule framework that defines extraordinary brands

  • The proper approach to consumer research

  • What it means to cultivate apostles

  • Why looks always matter

  • Find out what Schismogenesis means (because it will save your relationships)

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