The Four Lenses of Innovation

Rowan Gibson

with Rowan Gibson

Innovation Thought Leader

The Four Lenses of Innovation

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Moe and Rowan Gibson discuss how to think big, look afresh at the challenges you face, and take bold action to change the world.

The Mindset of an Innovator

What is it about the innovation process that makes it so elusive to so many? Like the act of starting a company, reinventing one often requires a mental construct contrary to conventional belief — and that takes guts. We’re fortunate to be living through a period in history where technology is impacting nearly every aspect of our lives; from how we live and work, to how we learn and share, to the entire healthcare and wellbeing ecosystem.  Chances are, right now as I write this, someone, somewhere is dreaming of a new way to simplify one facet of your life, and whether or not he succeeds, he’s likely to shake up your current view of the world.

As a society, we hail such individuals, but as Rowan Gibson, “Mr Innovation” shares in his latest book, The Four Lenses of Innovation, their process isn’t as mysterious as you may think.  In this conversation with Gibson, we’ll dissect each of the four lenses while identifying the bottlenecks that most often get in the way of the innovation process.  

Here’s a sampling of the questions that anchor our discussion:

  • The modern definition of innovation

  • How an innovator thinks

  • The type of questions that innovators tend ask

  • The four lenses of innovation

  • Where innovators go wrong

  • How admired leaders manage the innovation process

  • The payoff of innovation