Turning Users Into Gourmet Chefs

Josh Hix

with Josh Hix

Co-Founder of Plated

Turning Users Into Gourmet Chefs

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Chase and Jenna chat with Josh Hix about Plated, the startup that makes it easy for you to cook a fantastic gourmet meal in thirty minutes or less.

Remember These 4 Lessons Before You Pitch to Your Next Investor

Written by Jenna Abdou

Startup pitches are like recipes calling founders to combine the perfect amount of each element to leave people wanting more. As entrepreneurs we often focus on the ingredients to include – which the founders of Loverly, T2 Venture Creation and FlightCar helped us choose in our How to Master Your Startup Pitch Slideshare  – but rarely discuss the ingredients that interfere with the experience (Yes, I’m talking about using flour in a chocolate cake, it’s simply unnecessary).

After pitching over 150 investors, including Mark Cuban on SharkTank, recipe expert and co-founder of PlatedJosh Hix addresses what not to do in venture capital meetings.

Remember these four lessons before you pitch to your next investor:

  1. Don’t get hung up on projections – Better or worse, you’ll be wrong either way
  2. Practice short term memory. Letting the no’s effect you can be a self fulfilling prophecy.
  3. It’s not all about the money – Consider the people you’re going into business with and how you envision the relationship evolving.
  4. Don’t be jaded by evaluations – You’re goal is to build the best company possible.